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7 Steps to Kick-Start DevOps in Your Enterprise

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A recent Gartner report opined, “Cloud computing is a disruptive phenomenon, with the potential to make IT organizations more responsive than ever.  Cloud computing promises economic advantages. In addition, Gartner research further emphasizes the importance of cloud computing reporting that 78 percent of enterprises are increasing their investment in cloud through 2017.

While 9 out of 10 North American companies say they are using at least one cloud application, they are still wary about jumping fully into cloud computing.


We think it’s because, as with many disruptive technological advances, some of the big cloud implementation providers are overselling their capabilities; and as a result, some companies are still choking on cloud implementations. Beyondsoft is different.  We take a full lifecycle approach to migrating an enterprise to cloud computing, and we are one of the few implementation providers with a track record of success across the full cloud lifecycle.

We break the cloud life-cycle into four phases:

  1. Finding the right cloud configuration, as well as preparing your services and data for the migration
  2. Implementing the migration
  3. Nurturing, i.e. re-optimizing the services for the cloud
  4. Engineering the services for continuous improvement in functionality and performance via DevOps principles like continuous integration and deployment

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